Italian Atlas 007_landscape a risk

a research project for the MAXXI Museum collections
Rio Piscinas, Arbus (VS) Sardinia – 13.06.2007, 08.38 pm _ The silt is carried down by the river from the Montevecchio mine, closed in 1991, to the natural area of Piscinas dunes. This small desert area has been protected by its inaccessibility, as well as by the previous presence of mining activity and the proximity with the Is Arenas penal colony.

Year: 2007
Fine Art Pigment print, various size
ed. 5 + II a.p.

The Italian Atlas is a research project commissioned by MiBACT – Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, that promotes photography as a form of art and instrument for investigating the diversified reality of the contemporary landscape. The works produced by the invited international photographers are now part of the collections of the MAXXI Museum in Rome.

Masua Mine, Iglesias (CI) Sardinia - 14.06.2007, 12.47 a.m. _ Lead and zinc mine active from 1859 to 1991. A site of industrial archaeology recognized by UNESCO in 1998, the Mining Historical Environmental Park of Sardinia was officially opened in 2001. Unique of its kind in the world, it is an important new tourist attraction.
Corniglio landslide, Appennino emiliano (PR) – 20.05.2007, 03.12 p.m. _ The Corniglio landslide is one of the bigger ones in Europe, with over 400 millions m3 in motion. Its reactivation from 1996 to 1999 has caused the lesion and the consequent demolition of the most of the houses of the Linari village, built at the beginning of the ’70.
Scarpino Rubbish Dump (GE) – 10.08.2007, 10.13 a.m. _ Mount Scarpino rubbish dump, born in 1968, is one of the bigger ones in Italy, with its 50 ha and over 450.000 tons of rubbish stocked here in 2006. After some important safety works, a new electric station has started to produce energy from the biogas.
Monte di Portofino (GE) – 09.08.2007, 08.56 p.m. _ In the Portofino Natural Park, 30 km east from Genoa, live about 680 persons. After many years of discussions and controversies, today the borders of the Park are the same of 1935, when it was created.
Capo Testa, Santa Teresa di Gallura (OT) Sardegna – 08.06.2007, 01.24 p.m. _ The geological site of Capo Testa is composed by many blocks of “granito” stone, modeled and erosed by the action of the sea, the wind and the natual elements during millions of years.
Abbiadori, Arzachena (OT) Sardinia - 08.06.2007, 10.47 a.m. _ A law adopted by the Sardinian Region in 2004 prevents new buildings less than 2 km from the sea. Abbiadori, in the municipality of Arzachena, only 4 km from Porto Cervo, is a nice village in continuous expansion, with a great view on Cala di Volpe.
Varazze (SV) Liguria – 18.07.2007, 11.35 a.m. _ The hills behind Arenzano, Cogoleto and Varazze on the Ligurian coast have repeatedly been the site of fires, the most serious in 1997. As one of the italian regions most exposed to the risk of woodland fires, Liguria was the first to adopt a special early-warming system (SPIRL) in 2000.
Cala dell’Oro, Portofino Sea Park (GE) Liguria – 13.08.2007, 05.27 p.m. _ Cala dell’Oro (Gold Bay) is an integral natural reserve, where the access is now restricted only to scientists. An experimentation with restricted accesses for the bathing is on going.
Monte Giogo, “Tosco Emiliano” Appennine National Park (MS) Tuscany – 17.08.07, 08.09 p.m. _ The former NATO Troposcatter base “Livorno”, decommissioned in 1996, was part of a strategic telecommunications system known as ACE-High Network. It linked all the major command posts with the Remote Radar stations on the east borders of NATO territory.
Natural Reserve of Orrido di Botri and Balzonero (LU) Tuscany – 28.07.07, 12.31 a.m. _ A rugged and imposing limestone gorge, with sheer rock walls 200 meters high at some points and sometimes just a few meters apart. It was cut into the rock over thousands of years by the icy waters of the Pelago torrent.
"Atlante Italiano 007_rischio paesaggio" MAXXI, Roma 2007
"Atlante Italiano 007_rischio paesaggio", Electa, 2007

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