How to photograph a landslide

a photographic performance by Andrea Botto

Selfpublished limited edition
Year: 2011

First edition: 15 copies

With backstage pictures by Davide Patanè and a fake text by Gerardo Calà, Ewan Walkers, Mario Sorriso-Tirato & Giovanni Fontaperta (hope the real authors have a great sense of humor).

Feat. a bonus track by Silvio B.

Softcover with dust jacket
54 pages

50 images colour and b/w
Indigo digital print on uncoated paper
Size: 40×30 cm
Language: Italian, English

Printed in Italy

In July 2011, I was invited by Prof. Arch. Marco Navarra, professor at Faculty of Architecture University in Catania (Sicily), to produce a new body of work in Messina, in the area hit by landslides in October 2009 and where 39 people died.
I used my previous experience to build a sort of manual about “how to photograph a landslide”, simulating a scienti c publication with texts, pictures, drawings and maps.
My interest was not only to show the places as they were, but to build a real visual device to go deeper and deeper in the subject and to make it be seen by different ways and be red on different layers.
I also wanted to tell the story of Pasquale Simone Neri, a guy from Giampilieri, who saved 8 people of his village, before he died.
Now Simone is a National hero, with a gold medal in memoriam and you can know him through the pictures on the internet and from the many open groups on Facebook.