A Bridge Over Genoa

Client: Rina Consulting Spa
Year: 2019/2020

‘Reviviscence’ is a poetic term that describes a return to life after having suffered a traumatic event. That is what happened in Genoa, after the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, when the new viaduct, designed by Renzo Piano, was built across the Polcevera torrent at record-breaking speed. These photographs are the report of a pioneering building site and together with the voices of the protagonists are published in the book Reviviscence. A Bridge Over Genoa, Rizzoli New York, 2021.

Originally built in 1967, designed by Riccardo Morandi, the bridge spanned the Polcevera river through the center of the city of Genoa and was an engineering and architectural landmark. When a nearly 700-foot section of the viaduct collapsed on August 14, 2018, 43 people tragically lost their lives, leading to a state of emergency in the Liguria region, dividing the city in two and paralyzing one of the most important trade routes to the port of Genoa.

The remains of the original bridge were demolished in June 2019 and in just 14 months the new Genova-San Giorgio Bridge, designed by leading Italian architect Renzo Piano and inspired by Genoa’s maritime history, was built, opening in August 2020.


Andrea Botto
“Reviviscence. A Bridge Over Genoa”
Rizzoli New York 2021

texts by Roberto Carpaneto, Marco Bucci, Ugo Salerno, Roberto Tedeschi and an interview with Renzo Piano by Cinzia Pica
graphic design by Martina Toccafondi

24×30 cm
208 pages
flexible hardcover
language: English

printed in Italy by Errestampa, Bergamo