Reviviscence. A Bridge Over Genoa

photographs by Andrea Botto

Andrea Botto
“Reviviscence. A Bridge Over Genoa”
Rizzoli New York 2021

texts by Roberto Carpaneto, Marco Bucci, Ugo Salerno, Roberto Tedeschi and an interview with Renzo Piano by Cinzia Pica
graphic design by Martina Toccafondi

24×30 cm
208 pages
flexible hardcover
language: English

printed in Italy by Errestampa, Bergamo

The book is dedicated to the reconstruction of the Polcevera Viaduct, also known as Morandi Bridge, in Genoa (Italy), which tragically collapsed in 2018.
Photographer Andrea Botto, who specializes in cataloguing transformations that mark the present age, in particular decommissioning and infrastructure projects, worked alongside RINA, the Project Manager, to document the entire story, from the demolition of the old Ponte Morandi, the genesis of the new design, the construction of the new infrastructure through to the opening of the new bridge, designed by leading Italian architect Renzo Piano. The author had privileged access to the site and was able to capture all the crucial phases and the progress of the work with technical expertise and attention to the composition of the image, in a skilful combination of documentary practice and aesthetic research.
The resulting imagery presents the evolution of the site and tells the story of the changing environment from the demolition of the old infrastructure to the birth of the new bridge across numerous sites and in an urban and densely populated frame.
Featuring interviews with Marco Bucci (the mayor of Genoa), Ugo Salerno and Roberto Carpaneto (key members of the RINA team) and Renzo Piano, Reviviscence: A Bridge over Genoa is the story of rebirth of a neighborhood, a city, and a collective spirit.